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These days, televisions have become lighter, more portable, and adaptable to a variety of rooms and spaces. As televisions have become less cumbersome and more versatile, television mounting has become increasingly popular. Mounted televisions not only save space, opening up a large portion of a room where a large television or entertainment center would usually rest, but they also look great.

Holtsville NY 00501 TV Mounting Service

A mounted television gives homeowners room to decorate their space with other furniture or objects in place of a T.V. stand, or to allow the mounted T.V. to maximize the space in a given room. All of our installers are passionate about what they do, they don’t see the job as installing a TV or mounting speakers, they see it as an artistic form, aesthetically blending electronics with home decor. We also unlike most, offer FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation, so that gives a customer a professional in house to answer questions, make suggestions etc. Every job is unique and every customer we treat as though it’s our only customer.

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We specialize in all TV and Speaker wall mounting installation applications, with the best pricing in Holtsville NY 00501! We mount all LCD, LED, and Plasma Televisions, as well as your Home Theatre Speaker System. Whether you need your TV or Speakers mounted on your wall at your home, above your fireplace, in your office, in your hospital, or in your bar, our expert technicians will install your mounting system safely and securely.

TV Mounting Holtsville NY 00501

Our goal is to make you, our valued customer, satisfied and happy with our quality work, so you will enjoy your wall mounted TV or Speaker System for years to come!

There are different types of TV mounts to choose from. Choosing the right type of mount really depends on what your needs are, but we can help you make the best decision.

Flat Wall Mounts Holtsville NY 00501 – Flat Wall Mounts are pretty self-explanatory. They are mounted directly to the wall and remain in that flat, fixed position.

Tilting Wall Mounts – Tilting Wall Mounts have the ability to tilt up and down up to 12 degrees.

Swivel Arm Mounts – Swivel Wall Mounts can move left and right, and up and down, and can be mounted in corners on an angle.

Ceiling Mounts – Ceiling Mounts are also self-explanatory. They are mounted directly to your ceiling.

Motorized Mounts – Motorized Mounts can pull away from the wall and turn left or right from a remote control.


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